TopicWhat are the Advantages of Desi Cow Milk

  • Tue 28th Jul 2020 - 9:37am
    Desi Cow Milk has many health benefits as it gives A2 Milk which stimulates our immune system.
    Here are some Advantages of consuming Desi Cow Milk
    • Offers a high level of A2 protein
    • The A2 milk is high in calcium so imperative to grow teeth and bones.
    • Provides healthy fat for growth and energy
    • A2 does not contain any harmful chemicals and keep kids away from diseases.
    •  Contains vitamins notably Vitamin A and B which is better for children
    • It can cure tooth decay in toddlers
    • The desi cow milk helps to maintain a healthy weight
    • It reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure

    DesiMoo journey starts with only intention to provide Farm Fresh Organic Milk Gurgaon. We Focused on Quality of milk is 100% pure and hygienic Churned from healthy and happy Desi Cow.

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